Think Group :: A Boston-based Forum for Ideas and Learning

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a gathering point for people passionate about learning, tinkering, and trying new things. The idea is to get a lot of inspired/dynamic/smart people in a room and teach each other. I floated the idea by a few friends and the response was been very positive.

We held the inaugural meeting of Think Group in March with the topic “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. Since then we’ve been meeting for 2 hours on a Friday evening every 4-6 weeks. There have been fewer than 10 people at each meeting, giving everyone a chance to speak and be heard.

Any topic is fair game as long as it is interesting. I hope we have a wide variety of meetings, including topics like design thinking, programming arduino boards, silk screening t-shirts, entrepreneurship, Kickstarter, or discussing Russian literature. Some meetings will be more intellectual, others will be more hands-on. By design, someone different should host each meeting, leading the discussion on one of their passions.

I’ll be posting outlines and notes from Think Group on this blog. I hope you find them helpful. If you live in Boston and would like to attend Think Group, please contact me. If you don’t live in Boston but love the idea, I encourage you to start your own Think Group.

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  • Jeff June 27, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    I started a book club in Houston to drive some of this intellectual conversation and it hasn’t taken off as I had hoped. Perhaps this is how I can pivot to fill this gap in my social life. Or I can move to Boston. 😉 You have oil fields there?