Differentiation is King

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I recently attended the quarterly gathering of the Boston Web Innovators group. My name tag said WorkThere.co, but I alternated talking about that and talking about Accenture. There was some interest in WorkThere.co, but I was shocked by all the interest in Accenture. People wanted to learn about enterprise software, B2B, and ERP systems.

It’s not because Accenture is particularly interesting. Differentiation is king. By definition, most people at a startup event are scrappy and small. The established, large, successful companies stand out. I talked to a lot of people fresh out of college who had never worked at a company larger than five people.

The experience re-established something in my mind – although my experience seems incredibly normal to me, it isn’t the norm for everyone else. I have knowledge and information that they do not have. I have experience that they do not have. Differentiation is king.

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