I love apps. I’m an iPhone user, and find myself going on frequent app binges. I download and download until my storage is full, then I purge the ones not worthy of a space on my 32 GB iPhone 5.

A side effect of this condition is that I have a burning curiosity to know what apps other people know about and I don’t. What essential tools do they use on a daily basis that could change my life for the better in even the smallest way?

Enter the website/app The idea is simple – install the app, take a screenshot of your homescreen, and share it on Twitter. All screenshots are aggregated to the main site. Using image recognition software, each app on each screen is tallied (Apple stock apps are excluded). The site then creates a “most likely to be found on homescreen” mashup.

Check it out. And here’s my home screen.

Nirvana HQ

This is the best GTD app I’ve found. I’ve tried Things, I’ve tried Todoist (which is great), I’ve tried Clear, I’ve tried Reminders, and a half dozen other forgettable apps. While the graphic design on Nirvana HQ isn’t the best, the functionality is. So get organized.


The perfect app for quick notes. I use this for my notes that aren’t incredibly organized but I want to capture somewhere. I LOVE this app.

Day One

Amazing for journaling. I don’t write a lot, but I also don’t feel like I have to write a lot. Apple offered it free one week and I downloaded it, and am very glad I did. It’s worth paying for.


Grokker is an exception to this list because it isn’t an app – it’s a website so good that I saved it to my home screen. It’s currently in beta (i.e. free). The yoga videos on this site are amazing. And there are more yoga videos than you can possibly watch.


Bite-sized news. Curated and written by a human being. A story gets added on to slowly, instead of spawning a dozen other stories. Circa. It’s great.

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