The Failure of the Food Pyramid

The failure of the food pyramid

The first food pyramid was good.

The second was ridiculous. It tried to please everyone, and ended up failing miserably. It lost all meaning.

The new design is the plate. Infinitely customizable. Specifically generated for you and you alone. Is it better? No.

The beauty of the first pyramid was that you got a lot out of it without putting any work in. I learned about the food pyramid because it was on the back of cereal boxes. It required no effort on my part other than lifting my spoon to my mouth. A customized, personalized plate is worthless if I never put the effort in to find out what mine is. And I haven’t.

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  • Chaya Madren March 5, 2013 at 3:51 am

    The World Health Organization, in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization, published guidelines that can effectively be represented in a food pyramid relating to objectives to prevent obesity, chronic diseases and dental caries based on meta-analysis though they represent it as a table rather than a “pyramid”.”

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