Where Good Ideas Come From

How do epiphanies happen? Where do the best ideas start? Is there a programmatic way to generate new ideas? This video challenges some long-held opinions regarding the origin of good ideas. It also provides actionable advice to help you improve your idea generation.
When you finish watching, you’ll sit back and think about your own epiphanies… and those half-ideas lurking somewhere in the back of your mind.

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  • Brooke September 28, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    I liked the video because it raises the question of what the internet does to our brains. “Are we getting overwhelmed with the always connected, multi-tasking life style? and is that going to lead to less sophisticated thoughts?” It’s an important question for us to ask, as millennial’s.

    I like what he leads to next as he explores connectivity. However, I disagree in his final thought. I don’t think that connecting with other people or more information is necessarily the way we are going to think of great ideas. I would suggest that the connectivity should be for other things outside of the internet realm. I think that if we balance our lives and do other things in our life away from the web, media, and technology, and if we step outside and connect with people, nature, and other worthy activities, we will see our thoughts deepen and will see better ideas flowing.